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The TiVo Roamio review

On the off chance that you need to jettison link without losing the link DVR encounter—warts and all—the TiVo Roamio OTA is your answer.

TiVo's $400 DVR for over-the-air stations has all the common luxuries of a link box, from the customary station framework and catch stuffed remote control to the apparently boundless account alternatives for TV shows and motion pictures. Furthermore, similar to TiVo's own link boxes, it accompanies some ground-breaking advertisement skipping highlights.
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However, TiVo's old-school way to deal with recording communicates from a reception apparatus likewise brings some things. It's anything but difficult to lose all sense of direction in the Roamio OTA's overly complex menus, or overlook what catch you guessed press. And keeping in mind that TiVo attempts to be a total rope cutting arrangement with both over-the-air and gushing video, its alternatives for the last can't rival committed spilling boxes like Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Nvidia Shield TV.

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Weighty equipment

The TiVo Roamio OTA is a bulky bit of creaky plastic, more like a link box than a cutting edge gushing gadget. Around back, there's a HDMI yield, an optical sound jack for interfacing with more established sound frameworks, and, curiously, a couple USB ports whose just design is to charge different gadgets (outside USB stockpiling isn't upheld). You supply your own radio wire, which connects to the Roamio OTA's coaxial info.

TiVo Roamio OTA

Michael Brown

On the off chance that you need to extend the Roamio OTA's stockpiling, you'll have to supplant its current inner drive. The USB ports are useful for charging gadgets and the main good e-SATA drive was suspended.

Inside, the crate has 1TB of capacity—useful for around 150 long periods of HD programming—and four tuners, so you can watch or record four projects without a moment's delay. The interior drive is replaceable, yet while the Roamio OTA actually permits outer capacity by means of a back e-SATA port, the main bolstered drive is WD's DVR Extender, which is never again made or sold.

Similarly link like is TiVo's remote control, a powerful actualize with in excess of 40 catches for evolving channels, controlling the TV, controlling playback, and exploring through the TiVo Guide. Having relatively every possible capacity only a catch press away bodes well, yet it will make whiplash for any individual who's accustomed to spilling remotes, with their moderate plans, logical on-screen menus, and voice seek.

The remote does, be that as it may, have some appreciated takeoffs from link boxes: It utilizes a RF flag to control the TiVo—no viewable pathway required—yet at the same time incorporates an IR blaster for your TV's volume, power, and information. The best part is that it lets you effectively skip ads. Squeezing up or the green "D" catch amid plugs consequently takes you to the finish of the break on specific projects, and there's likewise a committed catch for bouncing ahead by 30 seconds.

tivoroamioota remote

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TiVo's remote is stacked with catches. On the brilliant side, it has both RF and infrared transmitters.

TiVo used to charge for DVR benefit, yet now it's incorporated into the $400 cost. That is a great deal to pay in advance, yet over the long haul it beats paying TiVo's old $15-per-month benefit charge.

Endless choices

As far as crude capacities, the TiVo Roamio OTA offers a noteworthy measure of granular controls. When setting up an arrangement recording—an "OnePass" in TiVo dialect—you can record simply new airings, restrict accounts to a particular channel, record in HD just, record in SD just, keep just late chronicles, keep accounts just until the point that you run out space, and include cushion time either end of the account. Through TiVo's "List of things to get" area, you can even program chronicles for a particular performer, chief, classification, or watchword.

TiVo likewise pulls TV scenes from different spilling administrations into OnePass, so if a show is on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu, it'll appear in indistinguishable rundown from your over-the-air chronicles. The component will probably be most advantageous to Hulu supporters, given that administration's accentuation on arrange TV. With Netflix and Amazon, you may find that there's very little cover among recorded and spilling arrangement.


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TiVo's channel direct offers stunningly granular authority over what you need to observe now and record for some other time.

Utilize TiVo enough, and the framework will even begin naturally recording programs that it supposes you'll like. You're still responsible for tweaking the recommendation calculations by offering go-ahead or down to whatever you're watching, yet having the capacity to populate the DVR without programming everything physically is a decent method to feel like you're getting your cash's worth.

Where TiVo wavers is in helping clients comprehend its numerous highlights. The TiVo Roamio OTA is spent with menus that are excess or of questionable utility, including two separate menus for propelling applications, two zones for perusing live TV, and a suggestions push on the primary menu that once in a while appears to be significant. There's likewise a menu loaded with curated film and TV demonstrate "accumulations," however TiVo doesn't mark the hotspots for this substance in advance, and as a rule the determinations are just for rental or buy.

The entire interface could utilize a total redesign. One is as far as anyone knows coming this year, yet we've yet to perceive how that upgrade chips away at an everyday premise.


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TiVo's curated "accumulations" don't demonstrate where the substance is originating from, so you won't know whether it's incorporated into an administration you as of now have or in the event that you'll have to pay more to get to it.

Not the one genuine box

Those issues aside, the TiVo Roamio OTA is additionally missing a few advantages you'd get with other over-the-air DVR arrangements.

Its application choice, for example, is inauspicious contrasted with committed spilling boxes. New gushing packs, for example, Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, and DirecTV Now are missing, and the main TV Everywhere applications are HBO Go and Epix. New spilling administrations like SeeSo, Pluto.TV, and Filmstruck aren't accessible either. The applications that do exist likewise appear to be slower than their gushing box partners, particularly those that originate from the Opera TV application store. Try not to anticipate that TiVo will serve all your gushing needs except if they're genuinely essential.

Furthermore, not at all like OTA DVR items from Tablo, HDHomeRun, and Plex, TiVo can't stream your chronicles onto other associated gadgets, in any event not without extra equipment. Sitting in front of the TV on your telephone or tablet requires a $130 TiVo Stream box, and viewing on different TVs requires a $150 TiVo Mini, raising the expense impressively in the event that you need an entire home or out-of-home arrangement.

The TiVo Roamio OTA is as yet beneficial for people who need a great DVR arrangement, however would prefer not to manage the impulses of gushing. With four tuners, sufficient account choices, and accommodating advertisement skipping highlights, TiVo's over-the-air DVR exceeds expectations at pressing all of significant worth out of your recieving wire flag. It's only difficult to shake the inclination that its greatest days are behind it.

Whenever satellite and link organizations began giving out HD DVRs and, later, consolidating access to huge amounts of on-request video content through its own hardware, I surrender that I joined a tune of numerous who figured TiVo may before long meet its end. In any case, TiVo stayed industrious, as of late presenting the Roamio arrangement of DVRs, and in doing as such, expeditiously changing my tune.

As a matter of fact, I'm what you would call an infant "line shaper." Rather than keep on paying for link or satellite TV administrations and every one of the expenses that accompany them, I have selected to get the majority of my TV and motion picture content through either preposterous administrations like Netflix and Hulu (with the intermittent rental from an administration like Vudu) or over the air utilizing a HD radio wire. Truth be told, I really had all my link takes care of pressed, prepared for come back to Comcast when the Roamio DVR TiVo sent me arrived. However, the demo TiVo gave me at the CEDIA tradition last September made them think about whether the Roamio may make me pivot overall "not any more link" plan.

If at any point there was an item that may persuade me to keep link benefit around, it would be the TiVo Roamio.

The Roamio apparently enables me to do nearly all that I need with live, on-request, and gushing substance. Utilizing a Cable Card, the Roamio successfully replaces your link box, laying its own, far better guide and interface over the highest point of the stations. It additionally permits spilling content from online administrations like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Instant, and a few others. Besides – and this is a creating highlight, not accessible in all business sectors right now – TiVo has hit an arrangement with a few link advertises (mine included) which enables the client to get to their link organization's video on-request benefits. Furthermore, as though everything that wasn't sufficient, the Roamio Plus and Pro models will give you a chance to stream live and recorded TV to an iPad, iPhone or iPod contact, in or out of your home.

With the majority of that, was the Roamio adequate to alter my opinion about going all out link shaper? Read on to discover.

Out of the case

Expelling the TiVo Pro from its case instantly pounds home the way that it is everything your link or satellite DVR isn't. Most importantly, it's friendlier and more brilliant. A splendidly composed fast begin control inside shafts "Begin Here!" as though it is as energized as you are to go ahead. Furthermore, the DVR box itself is very much built, with a strong metallic packaging, no shaky metal or weak plastic. The remote, as well, sports hot bends that make it sense that it was made to be supported in your grasp. Also, the remotes catches are bright and well lain out. We'd later discover the remote had another trap up its sleeve.


Getting the Roamio Pro up and running would have been simple in the event that it didn't include my link organization, Comcast. An organization agent wasn't especially lovely with me as I traded three advanced boxes for a sing Cable Card (cutting into their primary concern – hello, at any rate I was all the while cutting something). Of course, she wasn't by and large everything that lovely with anybody.

In case you're not recognizable, a Cable Card is … well, it's a card … that you stick into outsider gear so it will work with your link benefit without requiring a different box. It approves the gadget, be it a TV or DVR, to get to your link benefit while enabling the link organization to keep your entrance confined to whatever your membership level may be.

The setup routine could have gone as just as calling a number to enter certain data presented on the Roamio Pro's setup screen, later giving us enchanted access to our channels. Be that as it may, this turned out to be risky. Comcast had the wrong serial number on record, and expected to get the right one. Arriving at this end took what felt like 60 minutes. At that point, it ended up evident that we were just getting a portion of the channels we gathered. Making sense of this issue took over 60 minutes, however I concede I did it by means of visit rather than telephone and that may have included a couple of minutes.

Be that as it may, once the majority of that was taken care of, getting the Roamio Pro completely set up was a breeze. I marked in to Netflix and Hulu, downloaded the TiVo application for my iPhone and iPad and got those adjusted by connecting to a short number for each. I could have halted here and been fine, however TiVo offers the capacity to "de-approve" stations in its menu. This implies you can expel every one of the stations you don't get, so you're never suggested programming you can't watch or endeavor to record something you can't. This can be a brief period devouring, particularly in the event that you don't have a clue about your membership level's accessible channels by memory. In any case, it is absolutely justified, despite all the trouble and an amazing element.

Highlights and plan

The Roamio Pro has six tuners with the goal that you can record up to six projects or record five and watch another live. You additionally get a 3TB drive, which will hide away to 450 long stretches of HD or 3,000 long periods of SD content. For me, this was absolutely needless excess. I could without much of a stretch have finished with the Roamio Plus, which additionally offers 6 tuners and will store 150 HD or 1,000 SD hours.

TiVo's interface not just makes exploring your channels less demanding, it likewise prescribes content for you in view of what you get a kick out of the chance to watch.

There's likewise the fundamental Roamio, which has four tuners and 75HD/500 SD long stretches of capacity. The base model additionally bears the refinement of being the just a single of the pack with an over-the-air recieving wire input, however you abandon free remote spilling to iOS gadgets, as well (you can get tied up with this component, however).

Each of the three models have worked in remote connectors for brisk association with your nearby system. Video On Demand get to requires an Internet association, as does utilizing Netflix or some other spilling administration. With the previous, the Internet association is required for imparting directions and approval with your link organization or Verizon Fios.

TiVo's interface not just makes exploring your channels less demanding, it additionally prescribes content for you in light of what you jump at the chance to watch. What's more, it doesn't simply source those substance proposals from your link channel posting, it likewise surveys Netflix, Hulu, and the various accessible gushing administrations for titles there, as well. Not certain if what you need to watch is free or costs a charge? TiVo's product will tell you that too.

Tivo Roamio Pro programming interface my shows

Tivo Roamio Pro programming interface untamed water

Tivo Roamio Pro programming interface Tivo focal

The majority of that integrity can be spilled to different TVs in the home utilizing one of TiVo's "Smaller than normal" boxes, which basically goes about as a remote stupid terminal for the ace Roamio DVR. You may start to perceive how you could supplant the majority of your link organization's gear with your own particular and discard their hardware renting expenses.

Be that as it may, regardless it'll cost you

Obviously, this adaptability doesn't come without their own expenses. Month to month benefit on a Roamio DVR costs $15 multi month or a one-time installment of $500. Adding a TiVo smaller than expected to a room will cost you another $6 each or a one-time charge of $100. Along these lines, contingent upon your link organization's expense structure, you could conceivably wind up sparing any cash over utilizing organization claimed hardware. Yet, once you've encounter TiVo's interface and convenience, I question you'll need to give your cash to your link supplier for an immeasurably mediocre ordeal when you could offer it to TiVo for a level out pleasant one.

Living with the Roamio

If at any point there was an item that may persuade me to keep link benefit around, it would be the TiVo Roamio. Frankly, however, I'm simply not so joined to live TV any longer. I'm not an enormous games fan, and I wouldn't fret sitting tight for TV arrangement to come accessible a couple of days after they've publicized. Others, I can hold up to get discharged by the season in minor months.

In any case, for the individuals who aren't prepared for that more laid-back way to deal with TV, the TiVo Roamio is the best time you'll have with your link benefit. I can't pressure enough how much less demanding it is to explore the guide and scan for the shows you need to watch and record. What's more, gushing to my iPad abide far from home on business was a major reward, as well. You can envision it would prove to be useful for get-aways also.

Tivo Roamio Pro survey front edge

Video quality was constantly first rate. Actually, I set out say the photo looked less boisterous and would be advised to shading immersion with the Roamio than it did with the el shoddy o HD box Comcast furnished me with.

There are other decent contacts, as well. For example: If you lose the remote control, you can call it with the bit of a catch on the Roamio box and it will play a little toll until the point that you can discover it. That proved to be useful time and again in only two or three months.

Living with the Roamio's expense

For as awesome as the Roamio encounter is – and it truly merits something – the one thing I experience difficulty moving beyond is its aggregate expense of proprietorship that is included. In spite of the fact that the section level Roamio isn't terrible at all at $176.00 at Amazon, the Roamio Plus at $375 and the Pro at $525 gets somewhat steep. At that point there's the month to month charges to pay; I'm basically feeling expense phobic at this moment. I was at that point nearly dumping link totally on account of the expenses. However, I will surrender that what you get from your TiVo expense is absolutely justified, despite all the trouble in case you're resolved to link.


For those resolved to link yet tired of the tired out equipment, inconvenient interface and absence of adaptability that accompanies rented hardware, the TiVo Roamio is a disclosure. For those in business sectors where video on request is accessible, it is a considerably all the more convincing decision. In the event that owning your own gear and receiving the rewards of a predominant client encounter is the thing that you look for, TiVo's Roamio conveys no doubt.


Lovely, simple to utilize interface

Streams live and recorded media to cell phones

Access to well known gushing applications and VOD

All inclusive pursuit and suggestion


Cost of proprietorship might be high for a few

Won't get to media put away on neighborhood organize



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